Management and Integral Molds Manufacturing

Our main activity is the Management and Molds Manufacturing for Plastic Injection and Compression.

Although our headquarters are located in Spain, we carry out projects in Europe (Spain and Portugal), Asia (China), America (Mexico) and Africa (Morocco).

We make from small molds to 50 Ton molds. in different technologies, rotative tool, gas injection, 2K, with textile, sandwich or stack tool, etc.

Parts sample

The close relationship created with these moldmakers leads us to manufacture molds for our European customers. All this under the most demanding requirements of quality, precision and always meeting the deadlines.

GEOCAD entered the Asian market, mainly China, with Faurecia in 2007, cooperating and carrying out projects with Faurecia Engineers and Asian moldmakers.

We currently have technicians who track the molds in China and Portugal.

New mold manufacturing in China and Portugal

Both the 2D / 3D design and the mold concept are made in Geocad Portugal although the manufacturing process could be done in Asia. In this way we have total control and access to the molds once they are in Europe, in case they have modifications.

Molds manufactured in Geocad China are received at the 2nd Stage plant before being sent to the customer's final plant. It is here where the last adjustments are made if necessary. Any modification or ECR requested by customer is performed as well in this 2nd stage plant with a final try-out before shipment to customer.

In Geocad we are characterized by giving a close and fast and effective response to the customer, establishing links that go beyond commercial interest.

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