Follow up to our Molds

We have 2nd Stage workshops in Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Morocco to give a complete service to our clients.

In this way, although the construction of the molds is carried out well in China or Portugal, we are always close to our customers for any eventuality that may arise, engineering modifications, maintenance, etc.

With this service, this is what we get.

  • Give traceability to the project from start to finish.
  • Keep updated all changes that have occurred during the life of the mold.
  • After sales service to the final customer.
  • Give customer security to get a satisfied customer.

Follow up to other molds

We collaborate with Asian moldmakers giving support once their molds are in Europe.

We attend the tests in China (before the molds are sent to Europe for validation) and later we take care of their reception, testing, texturing, modifications and shipping to the final customer's plant.

All this arises because companies such as Faurecia, which carry out large mold projects in Asia, require their moldmakers suppliers to have a partner located in the country, or relatively close to the final manufacturing plant.

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