In addition to Manufacturing and the Second Stage we also develop the following Services:

Pieces Feasibility Studies (DFM)

From the 3D file of the part we make a study of its feasibility when making the mold by studying counter-outputs, movements, injection points, thickness control, flow union lines etc.

If the client desires, we can redesign the part to make it manufactured thanks to our great experience.

Molds and part CAD design

We make mold designs from the CAD part.

We have Catia and Unigraphics licenses.

Moldflow Studies

Thanks to this software we can simulate the flow of a polymer in the mold and get an idea of the final behavior of the part.

With this simulation and our experience we can detect which are the optimal injection points, detect areas of overheating, deformations, welding lines, etc.

Autodesk® Moldflow® Software Main Functions.

  • The designs are optimized and the manufacturing process problems decrease by simulating how molten plastic flows through the molds.
  • Allows modeling and optimization of casting systems and injection configurations.
  • Improves the efficiency of the mold cooling system.
  • It is possible to simulate thermoset injection molding, RIM / SRIM, resin transfer molding and injection molding of rubber components.
  • It can simulate contraction and warping in parts and molds.
  • Plastic molding process simulation.
  • Allows working with solid, thick and thin-walled geometry.
  • Accurate material data increases accuracy when simulating.

Manufacturing of Checking Fixtures

We can offer the option of manufacturing the checking fixtures as well together with the CMM part reports assuring before tools arrive to customer that they fulfill dimensionally according to CAD data.

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